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Tim Schafer explains why indie darling Double Fine is now a Microsoft joint

When Microsoft came offering cash, Schafer said "Okay... yeah."

Double Fine boss Tim Schafer has explained why the famously independent studio is now a part of the Microsoft family. Why? Cold. Hard. Cash.

Of course, there's a bit more to it. In a follow-up video, Schafer explains that the move helps give the studio more stability to make the same games it always has. Double Fine has had a rocky relationship with crowdfunding, and pitching to publishers is a pain. Moving in with Microsoft gives the growing studio more stability to push Psychonauts 2 - and future games - over the finish line.

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"Being independent for almost 20 years has given Double Fine a distinct identity and unique spirit that goes really deep here, and no one can change that," explained Schafer. "Microsoft wants us for who we are and the kind of games we're already making."

Schafer stresses that Double Fine isn't going corporate. The firm is still making the same style of absurd indie experiments, and will still run its annual Amnesia Fortnight game jam. Action roguelike Rad will still be published by Bandai Namco.

Even Psychonauts 2 is still launching on PS4. Future Double Fine games, however, will likely go Xbox green.

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