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Double Fine's new boss won't stop Psychonauts 2 from hitting PS4

Don't panic: Psychonauts 2 is still coming to Playstation 4.

Tim Schafer and co. might have been branded with the big green X, but that's not going to screw over backers who hoped for Psychonauts on PS4. Even with Microsoft in the publishing seat, the mind-bending sequel will still hit Sony consoles alongside Xbox One, PC, Linux and Mac.

Tonight's Xbox conference gave us our first big look at the long-awaited sequel. In case you've forgotten 2005 - and who'd blame you - here's the scoop: Psychic detective Razputin solves puzzles by diving into brains and uncovering twisted, hidden secrets.

I don't imagine all this mind-crime is GDPR compliant, but Psychonauts 2 looks like it'll engage more brain-bending antics.

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Psychonauts was a neat little platformer back in the day, but it wasn't much of a success. It left enough of an impact to push a successful crowdfunding campaign for a sequel in 2015.

It'd be a bit naff for backers who funded it in hopes of a PS4 launch to be denied at the last minute. But there's every chance that this is the last time a Double Fine games launches outside the Xbox ecosystem.

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