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This new Lords of the Fallen PS4 gameplay looks a lot like Dark Souls

Lords of the Fallen developers Deck13 and CI Games have showcased the game running on PS4, and it looks a lot like Dark Souls. That's not a bad thing if you're a fan.


IGN recently sat down with producer Tomasz Gop to check out some new Lords of the Fallen gameplay, which covered everything from different character load-outs, combat tactics and more.

Effectively, Lords of the Fallen players aren't bound by class creation at the outset, rather, they can change out their gear to make their hero move faster, hit harder, unleash various spells an wield a variety of weapons. Skill points will be earned along the way that can tailor those make-ups further.

We recently interviewed Gop about Lords of the Fallen's difficulty curve, story and gameplay, with reference to Dark Souls.

Like Dark Souls, players can lock onto enemies, then strafe or roll around their attacks, as well as blocking and parrying in time. Poise is also important when reducing the chance of having attacks interrupted.

IGN also explained how death works in Lords of the Fallen. Players can visit a spawn point whenever they want to refill their health, and unlike Dark Souls bonfires, this won't cause dead enemies to respawn. However, they will all come back if you die.

Here's the full interview with Gop with Lords of the Fallen PS4 gameplay:

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