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The Walking Dead to be based on comic series, star man and little girl

Telltale Games has been a bit quite regarding its upcoming adaption of The Walking Dead, but it did tell Destructoid a few things about the title at E3 - although not as much as the site, or us, would have liked.

According to Telltale, the game is "the darkest place we have ever been," as far as game releases go, and that the development team will use the comic as canon instead of the television series.

The Walking Dead will also star two characters: a prisoner named Lee and a seven-year-old girl named Clementine. The two must work together and make some touch decisions when trying to escape Atlanta's zombies.

Telltale also confirmed that the Facebook game that ties-in with The Walking Dead will be released beforehand and it will constitute "befriending strangers and not knowing who you can trust."

A release date for The Walking Dead and Facebook tie-in has yet to be announced.

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