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The Surge gets May release date, flashy CG trailer

The Surge's dystopian world and the corporation behind saving it, are shown in a new trailer.

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The Surge developer Deck 13 has announced that the action RPG is due for release this May. There's no specific day just yet, but we do have a new trailer.

It's all CG, starring freshly-recruited protagonist Warren. He joins the CERO corporation, and gets an exo-suit bolted onto him. There isn't much action in the trailer, apart from teasing a fight with a big mechanised boss.

The trailer also reveals the May release month, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you missed it, Deck 13 has been regularly showing off gameplay footage.

The Surge is the next game from the developers of Lords of the Fallen, and it shares some elements with the Souls series.

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