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The Surge 2 reviews round-up, all the scores

Souls-like sci-fi romp The Surge 2 is out today, bringing with it a world in which you cleave off the limbs of your enemies.

As we saw in the launch trailer last week, The Surge 2 continues its relentless quest for new gear using its limb-targeting combat system. The idea is for you to gain new items by lobbing off the parts of your opponent's body that vaguely correlate. For instance, chopping off an arm will get you a new weapon, but if you need a helmet then you'd be aiming for the head. That sort of thing.

In development from Deck13 Interactive, The Surge 2 tells the story of You, someone whose plane has crash-landed on the outskirts of a mysterious detention facility. "Armor-clad soldiers enforce Martial Law, robots are on a rampage, and a dark, expanding nanostorm looms over the cityscape," its press release waxes poetical.

But how does it hold up in practise?

We’ve rounded-up The Surge 2 reviews below, including our impressions of the first few hours:

The Surge 2 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for £49.99/$59.99 on September 24.

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