Take-two Q1 Financials 2009

Take-Two: All future titles will have multiplayer or DLC

Take-Two says that all future titles will have at least something on the back end for consumers, be it DLC or multiplayer. The company refused to go into specifics, stating that it’s considered on a title-by-title basis, but it said it understood the consumer need for extra content. The news comes from tonight’s Take-Two Q2 […]

Take-two Q1 Financials 2009 headlines

  • Housers to receive 2,849,003 shares in Take-Two stock

    Kotaku’s noticed that the Houser brothers were confirmed getting a Take-Two stock windfall of 2,849,003 shares in last night’s Q1 financials, which equates to roughly $18 million. Nice work if you can get it. The Housers are now tied into producing games for the company until 2012. With profit share included, obviously. Get the rest […]

  • Take-Two Q1 earnings call - the full transcript

    Seeking Alpha’s posted up the transcript of the microscopic Take-Two earnings call yesterday. Pick over the bones if you feel the need. Get it all here if you can’t be bothered.

  • Take-Two: "We're the right company for mature content on DS, Wii"

    Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick said in the firm’s Q1 earnings call today that mature content on Nintendo platforms is something he’s going to do well. Go, Strauss. “I do believe there is an opportunity for M-rated titles on Nintendo,on the DS and on the Wii,” he said. “I believe we’re the right company to be […]

  • GTA IV sales hit 13 million

    Take-Two’s confirmed GTA IV sales have now reached the 13 million mark worldwide. “Over 13 million units of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto IV have been shipped as of January 31, 2009,” said the firm in its first quarter financial release. No figures were release in either the cash statement or the now-concluded – and […]

  • Take-Two losses increase for Q1, revenues slope up

    Take-Two’s confirmed a first quarter loss of $50.4 million compared to a net loss of $38.0 million in the same period last year. The publisher pinned the drop on “higher marketing, legal, and research and development expenses.” Revenue for the three months ending January 31 rose slightly, up to $256.8 million compared to $240.4 million […]

  • Take-Two declines to give out The Lost and Damned numbers

    The Take-Two conference call just ended, and the company is still keeping mum on DLC numbers for The Lost and Damned as well as pre-order numbers for GTA: Chinatown Wars for DS. The company stated that they have no way of keeping track of preorder numbers,as far as Chinatown Wars is concerned. The Lost and […]

  • BioShock 2 listed as "TBA" platforms

    Take-Two just put out a press release listing BioShock 2’s platforms as “TBA”. Immediate speculation has obviously risen as to whether or not there’ll be a PS3 version. The news came as part of Take-Two’s Q1 financial release. The game will hit before the end of the company’s financial year on October 31.

  • Take-Two confirms fiscal 2009 line-up

    Take-Two announced the following games for the rest of the financial year as part of its first-quarter financial release today. Note the GTA IV DLC. Beaterator — TBA BioShock 2 — TBA Borderlands — Xbox 360, PS3, Games for Windows Don King Boxing– Wii, DS Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars — DS Grand Theft Auto […]

  • GTA IV DLC - second episode confirmed for fiscal 2009

    Take-Two just confirmed that the second episode of its 360-exclusive DLC for GTA IV will release this fiscal year. That means it’ll hit before the end of October 2009. The news came as part of Take-Two’s financials for the quarter ending January 31. There was no other detail.

  • Take-Two first quarter results for March 10

    Here we go! It’s the big Strauss and Co ramalamadingdong! Take-Two will announce Q1 financials on March 10. It’s going to be awesome. The press release hits at 4.15pm EST, followed by the conference call 15 minutes later. Get details for that after the break.