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Sony reports small uptick in PS5 sales for Q1, but notes declines in software and gaming revenue

The console has now shipped 21.7 million units worldwide.

Sony has reported its Q1 financials for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023.

The results find a marginal year-over-year (yoy) increase in PlayStation 5 sales, declines in software unit sales, and a small uptick in digital units sold.

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For the quarter, Sony reported a 4% yoy increase for PS5. The console shipped 2.4 million units, up from 2.3 million reported during the same quarter in 2021. In all, the console has shipped 21.7 million units worldwide.

In software, full game sales were down 26% to 47.1 million units, a decline of 16.5 million compared to the same quarter in 2021 when the company reported 63.6 million software units sold.

The quarter saw a decrease in sales of non-first-party titles including add-on content, with first-party titles accounting for 6.4 million unit sales. The figure is a decline of 4.1 million yoy compared to 10.5 million units moved during the previous fiscal year.

79% of software sales were attributed to digital downloads, compared to 71% yoy.

Sony also reported an increase in PlayStation Plus members, now numbering 47.3 million, which is an uptick of 2% compared to the prior fiscal year.

That said, the total of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) declined 3% to 102 million MAUs.

As a whole, Sony’s Game & Network Services sector reported $4.5 billion in sales, a 2% yoy downturn due to declining sales and rising costs.

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