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No personal data compromised in Square Enix Members hack

Square Enix has updated its Members website, which was hacked last week, to confirm no user data was compromised:“As a result of our continuing investigation, we have now confirmed that the database in which we store personal information was NOT accessed during the recent server intrusion. Therefore, your personal information was NOT compromised by an […]

9 years ago

Square Enix Members headlines

  • Square Enix Members hack affected 1.8 million

    Square Enix has confirmed up to 1.8 million users could be affected by a hack affecting the company’s Members scheme.

    9 years ago
  • Square Enix launches community site

    And here it is. Named Square Enix Members, the site promises access to “exclusive content such as interviews, blogs, giveaways and more” to those who sign up. You can only pre-register at the moment – Square Enix Members launches on March 24.

    13 years ago