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  • SOE's John Smedly drops hints about "PlanetSide Next"

    SOE’s John Smedly recently set up shop on Livejournal, and – instead of using it to discuss ethics, high art, the curing of cancer or other typical Livejournal topics – he’s decided to focus on videogames. Imagine that. His most recent entry makes multiple mentions of “PlanetSide Next,” which we’re assuming to be the name […]

  • SOE hopes PS3 will be half its business

    In an interview with GameDaily, Sony Online Entertainment Chief John Smedley placed his hopes for the future atop the bank accounts of PSN’s virgin masses, voicing his belief that SOE’s formerly PC-centric business will successfully open up shop in the console market. “I think PS3 will be close to half our business,” he said. “There’s […]

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