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According to reports, a new PS5 with detachable disk drive is coming

Insider Gaming claim that a new PS5 can be expected in 2023.

There may be a new PS5 on the horizon, if the sources who spoke to Insider Gaming are to be believed. This shiny new PS5 will have a detachable disc drive, allowing you to plug in and play any physical games you've got lying around. This PS5 will also apparently abandon the A, B and C chassis that previous iterations have used. It will however have the same hardware capabilities as current models.

According to the anonymous sources who spoke to Insider Gaming, the detachable disc drive will connect to the PS5 via a USB port at the back of the console. This new console will reportedly be sold on its own or as part of a bundle, with the detachable drive also being sold seperately so you can (relatively) cheaply replace it if you swing it around, step on it, or bust it up via other methods.

Street Fighter 6 is one game that could very well be playable on this new PS5

It's no secret that the PS5 has been a product that many have been desperately trying to grab since its release back in 2020! This new version of the console appears to bridge the gap between the regular and digital PS5s, so if you weren't too sure which version was ideal for you, the best of both worlds is now available.

That no frame is interesting though. If these reports are true, the question of what this new chassis will even look like comes to mind as a pressing query behind price point and availability if course. We hope that whatever from this new PS5 comes in (if it exists), that it keeps the same distinct look as its predecessors.

But what do you think of this report? Do you believe it, or are you unsure of the validity of the sources' claims. Let us know below! For more PS5 news, check out our report on the PS5 getting more expensive.

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