E3 Floorplan

E3 2011 floor plan revealed

The team of trained monkeys that works behind the scenes at E3 have seen fit to release the floor plans for the event (coming up all-too-soon!), so you can start to plot your movements in Los Angeles between June 7-9.

10 years ago

E3 Floorplan headlines

  • E3 2009 floorplans published

    We’re so pumped. ESA’s released the floorplans for E3 this year, showing a streamlined show, but one at least reminiscent of the “glory” days.The South and West Halls are looking pretty much full up, with Microsoft in the former and Sony and Nintendo taking pride of place in the latter.On a scale of one to […]

    12 years ago
  • E3 floorplan published - it's a cracker

    Good Lord. ESA’s published the floorplan from this year’s E3, and anyone that went to the shows of yesteryear will be in for a shock. It looks more like one of the final stages of ECTS than the legendary LA convention. Just shocking. See the full plan after the link.

    13 years ago