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Metroid Dread is a new 2D entry in the series coming October 8

While we wait on Metroid 4, Nintendo is releasing a new 2D game in the series titled Metroid Dread.

Announced today during the Nintendo E3 2012 Direct, Metroid Dread will be released for Switch on October 8.

This is the first new entry of the 2D Metroid saga in more than 19 years and takes place after Metroid Fusion.

In it, Samus will be exploring a strange new planet alone and will be hunted by the ominous E.M.M.I. robots.

By gaining abilities, you can return to areas you’ve already visited to find new places and hidden upgrades in classic Metroid gameplay.

Pre-orders for the game start today, and a Metroid Dread: Special Edition will also be available at launch, which includes the game, a steelbook, a 190-page 2D Metroid franchise artbook and five cards that feature box art from all the games in the five-part saga.

Finally, a new Samus amiibo figure featuring her suit from Metroid Dread and an E.M.M.I. amiibo figure will be available in a two-pack set at launch.

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