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  • GRID 2 multiplayer gameplay shows streets and track

    GRID 2’s multiplayer is pretty damn exciting. VG247’s Sam Clay recently got some solid hands on with a preview build and has returned with footage for you lovely viewers. Gameplay galore inside.

  • GRID selling at £2.69 on Xbox Live Games on Demand

    Codemaster’s rather brilliant racing sim GRID is selling for just £2.69 on Xbox Live’s ‘Games on Demand’ marketplace. We’re not kidding, seriously.

  • GRID 2: Brands Hatch trailer blends live-action and gameplay

    GRID 2 developer Codemasters has released a new trailer for its incoming racer. The clip blends live-action footage of motoring journalist Chris Harris tearing around the circuit, as well as in-game footage of the track in action. Both include McLaren MP4-12cs cars. They’re rather lovely, and expensive.

  • Codemasters hit by job losses, "it is not anticipated" that core franchises will be affected

    Codemasters has confirmed a number of staff are currently at risk of losing their jobs.

  • Dizzy Returns Kickstarter intends to reboot classic franchise

    Gaming icons of the current generation step aside. Philip and Andrew Oliver, creators of long lost Codemasters hero Dizzy, are calling on fans to help fund an overdue return through Kickstarter.

  • GRID 2: First look at California Coast and Chicago Street gameplay

    The Eurogamer Expo is just kicking off, but that hasn’t stopped us grabbing a first look at GRID 2. If the original game was big and burly, the sequel should be considered big and beautiful.

  • F1 2012 won't have a Grand Prix mode

    Codemasters has confirmed that F1 2012 will no longer feature the Grand Prix mode which allowed players to create and compete in a full season as an official F1 driver.

  • GRID 2 interview: total race immersion returns

    GRID 2 has taken a long time to surface, but it’s finally here and looking good. VG247’s Dave Cook speaks with developer Codemasters to learn more about career mode, multiplayer and the studio’s approach to racing purity.

  • GRID 2 dev explains delay, outlines 'pure' race mechanics

    GRID 2 has been a long time coming. In fact, the original game launched in 2009, marking a three year absence while Codemasters’ Dirt series received two new entries. The studio has explained the game’s absence to VG247 and stressed that this won’t be a gimmicky entry. Instead it’s “all about the race.”

  • F1 2012 launches in UK on September 21

    Codemasters has announced that F1 2012 will release for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in the UK on September 21.

  • GRID 2: Exclusive screenshot unlocked by community

    GRID 2 developer Codemasters is unveiling a series of exclusive content whenever the game’s Facebook and Twitter feeds hit a certain number of likes and followers. The first piece of content has just been unlocked.

  • GRID 2 releasing 2013, new trailer & screens revealed

    GRID 2 has received an official announcement following along with a new video and debut screens. Codemasters has confirmed the game will also be playable at Eurogamer Expo 2012.

  • GRID 2 trailer teases announcement

    Codemasters has just posted a teaser trailer for what appears to be GRID 2 on YouTube.

  • DiRT 3 Monte Carlo DLC pack now available

    DiRT 3 has received the latest of several downloadable content packs. The new DLC pack includes new cars and tracks from the country of Monaco and its titular city, Monte Carlo.

  • DiRT 3 video shows off the Kenya Sprint Rally

    The DiRT 3 community team has just uploaded a new video showing off IRC rally champion Kris Meeke taking an MG Metro 6R4 around the Kenya Sprint Rally Track in the game. It’s quick.

  • F1 2011 info to drop prior to Melbourne season opener

    Codemasters has confirmed to VG247 it’ll start dropping info on F1 2011 near the end of this month.

  • First Bodycount trailer makes Michael Bay proud

    Some people build sandcastles. Others knock them down. Bodycount is definitely a game for the latter type of person. In Bodycount, your gun is the bull, and everyone and everything around you is the china shop. If you can see it, it can be broken or blown to smithereens by anything from a bullet to […]

  • Rumor: Codemasters' American branch suffers lay-offs, going completely dark soon

    If you only go by review scores and word-of-mouth, Codemasters had a pretty great 2009. But money makes the world go ’round, and – according to a source that spoke with IGN – poor sales have the publisher retreating from America’s portion of the globe.

  • Pre-order Turning Point, get postcards

    Codemasters has revealed details of its US pre-order campaign for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the alternative history WWII shooter from developer Spark. US gamers who sign up early will get loads of weirdy Nazi-ish stuff, including post cards featuring game art, acces codes to “enhance the game experience”, a behind-the-scenes DVD and a 1931-53 […]

  • Codemasters looking for MMO GMs

    You could probably do this. If you can speak English, German or French, can go to live in Germany and play lots of games, then maybe ths is the job for you. Codemasters is looking for GMs to work in its support site in Dusseldorf. Here’s the ad: We’re looking for more GMs! Do you […]

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