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Dirt Rally dev shooting for 1080p/60fps on PS4 and Xbox One

Codemasters is targeting a full HD resolution and 60 frames-per-second for the console ports of Dirt Rally.

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Dirt Rally developer Codemasters is hoping to have both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game running at 1080p resolution and 60 frames-per-second.

The studio confirmed to Videogamer that although it'll be putting in the necessary effort in both ports, it's a bit easier to reach the target on PlayStation 4.

"We're very, very close on PS4 [to 1080p/60fps]," chief game designer Paul Coleman told the site. "We've still got a little bit more work to do on Xbox One. But, you know, I think that's fair to say that for everyone out there, PS4 is certainly a little bit easier to get this stuff running smoothly."

For Xbox One, the studio is planning to adopt a dynamic resolution option if it proves too difficult to have a locked frame-rate on the console.

"We don't want to just drop it across the board. I think we're going to look at the troublemaker scenarios, like heavy snow on certain tracks or rain on Rallycross races, and we'll do it where we need to do it.

"But ultimately I want to be running at 1080p/60fps wherever we can."

Coleman confirmed that both versions use the same assets, and that changing the resolution dynamically would be more "fair" to Xbox One users than dropping it to 900p across the board.

Dirt Rally is out April 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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