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Dirt: Rally rated for PS4 and Xbox One

Unsurprisingly, Dirt: Rally looks like it will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

dirt_rally (1)

Listings for console versions of Dirt: Rally have appeared on the Taiwanese rating board. The two entries, one for PlayStation 4, and another for Xbox One list Codemasters as a publisher but mention no release date.



Codemasters has yet to officially announce console ports of the - currently in Steam Early Access - PC game, but the developer always maintained it wants to work on them. In addition, all of the studio's modern titles saw releases on consoles, and Rally shouldn't be an exception.

Dirt: Rally continues to receive updates on PC, too, and could most likely be heading towards the finish line (hahaha), content wise, which means consoles will receive a more complete version.

Thanks, Lifelower.

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