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Dirt Rally designer wants to bring the game to consoles

Paul Coleman, lead designer on Dirt Rally, spoke to Red Bull about the change of direction for the franchise and and plans for a console version of the game.


The interview touched on the remodelled physics engine and the amount of input the studio received from manufacturers to nail the finer details.

When asked about a console version of the game, Coleman said "ultimately I want players who invested in consoles rather than PCs to be able to experience this game first hand."

Talking about the early access route they're taking on PC, he was confident that once the game fully launches, they can "be packaging and curating a console experience from the content and also from the learnings that we had on PC for our console audience… I think it's something that we should be actively looking to do.”

Dirt Rally is in nearly access on Steam and you can pick it up for £24.99.

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