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Onrush reviews round-up, all the scores

Onrush is one of the biggest releases of June, and it's about time we had a look at how it's reviewing.

Onrush is the new driving game from former Evolution Studios staff, now at Codemasters. I called Onrush the most interesting driving game in a decade after playing the beta.

One of the reasons behind this is that Onrush is not a traditional driving game. Instead of point-to-point races and lap times, Onrush offers a team-based action driving model built on modes inspired by class-based shooters.

One mode will task you with staying in a fast-moving capture radius to earn points for your team, another will have you taking down other vehicles Burnout-style, while one is about being the first through a narrow gate.

You'll be able to switch between the game's various classes to suit the occasion, and each one offers unique abilities and handling characteristics.

They're all unique for the genre, and Onrush isn't afraid to demonstrate that shooter concepts can apply to driving games. Onrush features a full single-player campaign, a host of multiplayer content and a deep progression system full of cosmetic unlocks.

See a round-up of the top reviews below. Scores displayed are out of ten except when noted.

Onrush is available now on PS4, and Xbox One. A PC version will hit sometime this year.

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