Actiblizz Q2 Financials

Activision: Blur slated for store shelves in November

Activision announced during yesterday’s Q2 financial reveal that Blur will land in stores come November.“In November we’ll release our new racing game Blur from Bizarre Creations,” said Mike Griffith. “Blur had a strong showing at E3 as well, including the nomination for best racing game.“We’re excited to be entering this genre and we think the […]

12 years ago

Actiblizz Q2 Financials headlines

  • Activision gives Guitar Hero: Van Halen a release date

    Activision was quick to talk about its line-up of music-centic games coming this year during its call to investors, and there are loads of ’em as you would expect.Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, and DJ Hero are all expected before the end of the year and now you can add the elusive Guitar Hero: Van […]

    12 years ago