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Watch the Diablo 4 Season of the Construct developer livestream here today

Blizzard developers are finally ready to sit down and talk all about Diablo 4's third season.

A player character and companion in Diablo 4, in a hellish environ.
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

We're just days away now from the start of Season of the Construct, the third season in Diablo 4's live service journey. Blizzard revealed much about the new season earlier in the week, such as the new mechannical companion, as well as a host of quality of life updates arriving with the new season.

Usually, by that point in the pre-season cycle, we would have witnessed a couple of developer livestreams discussing the new content. With Season 3 starting so soon after the end-of-year break, however, we're only getting one.

Today's show is the full-on developer update, and it's going to primarily go over everything just announced about Season of the Construct's new content, and touch on the gameplay changes and quality of life updates that are also on the way.

Importantly, however, this is when we're going to hear about the class and item balance expected with the Season 3 patch, which is something that has been controversial in the past. The show will be livestreamed, for the first time, from the Blizzard Albany studio.

On hand will be game design manager Daniel Tanguay, quest designer Madeleine James, and lead class designer Adam Jackson, with community head Adam Fletcher hosting, as always.

The livestream kicks off at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm UK. As always, you'll be able to watch it on the official Diablo YouTube, and Twitch channels, and we've embedded the latter below.

Season of the Construct kicks off Tuesday, January 23. We expect the full patch notes to go live shortly after the livestream. Look forward to more coverage of all the juicy bits of the patch notes right here on VG247.

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