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Diablo 4 is selling portal reskins for almost half the price of the full game, but it somehow gets worse

Diablo 4's latest microtransactions travesty is one that's far too expensive, and doesn't make much sense.

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Because we’re apparently witnessing Diablo 4’s evil arc, Blizzard has created yet another reason for players to be upset about, except this one doesn’t is more bizarre than most. No, it’s not a puzzling gameplay change like, well, so much of what is in Season of the Construct.

It’s another store bundle that wants real money in exchange for what might be the most slight of cosmetic tweaks yet, somehow much less significant than the game’s (very common) horse armour, and a lot more expensive.

This week, Diablo 4 players were greeted by a new bundle in the game’s store, which costs a whopping $30. The bundle comes with five portal skins - really, mostly recolours - and 1,000 of the paid currency, Platinum.

Technically, that’s $20 for for the five, but you need to pay $30 for it, and Blizzard will gladly give you back the $10 difference in fun bucks. You know, so that you can stay in the system and maybe spend it on some other overpriced cosmetic.

As you might expect, this hasn’t exactly been met with open arms. No Diablo 4 store bundle has been, to be completely honest, but at least you might be able to justify a cool piece of mount armour, or a skin that makes your Barbarian look like a hell demon - even if you rarely get to admire it because of how zoomed out the game’s perspective is.

Over on Reddit, disgruntled Diablo 4 players have been dunking on the absurdity of it, and particularly how $30 is around half of the full $70 price of Diablo 4. Indeed, the game has been on sale for around $10 more than the price of the bundle. And, as many others in the comments pointed out, that’s the price of hot games like Palworld, and close enough to get you a copy of the excellent Helldivers 2.

But what’s perhaps the most egregious is that the portals are… class-specific. This is the first time Diablo 4 has done class-specific portals. It may make sense for armour and weapons, given that not every class can use the same weapons, but portals?

For your $30, you’re getting the Tempest Gate Sorcerer town portal, Transit Artery Rogue town portal, Netherworld Threshold Necromancer town portal, Wildroot Way Druid town portal, and the Warpath Barbarian town portal. It used to be that class-specific recolours and unique skins were awarded as some sort of mastery achievement, which, come to think of it, is an area where Diablo 4 is severely lacking.

After the backlash to Season 3, and the subsequent disappointment of the Lunar Awakening limited-time event, Diablo 4 has somehow returned to a state where player sentiment is either negative or apathetic, which isn’t exactly the best time for that to happen, what with a big new competitor about to be released.

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