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Blizzard will finally talk Diablo 4 Season 3 next week

Blizzard has released maybe the laziest Diablo 4 teaser ever, supposedly to get us excited about Season 3.

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

Blizzard has officially confirmed that the first - and seemingly only - developer livestream for Diablo 4's Season 3 will be taking place next week. There was initially some confusion as to the exact date, because the developer put out a very brief teaser video for Season 3 that suggested more will be revealed on January 16.

But that's not actually when the developer update will be taking place. Instead, the show won't happen for two more days - on Thursday, January 18, making this the closest to a new season we got before learning anything about it.

So what's actually happening on January 16? Well, that's unclear. The teaser video itself, which we've embedded below, has practically nothing to offer. It almost feels like Blizzard had to get something out there as players' worries about the lack of communication grew.

Season 2 ends on the same day Season 3 begins, January 23. This has always been the way Diablo 4 has done things, which initially lead some to believe Season 3 had been delayed, given that we'd gotten so close without a lick of new information.

Here's the Season 3 teaser in question, released overnight:

The developer stream, on the other hand, will be taking place on Thursday, January 18 at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm UK - a little earlier than usual for those streams. This is also going to be the first of those to be hosted out of Blizzard's Albany studio, rather than the main Blizzard campus in Irvine.

As you'd expect, the stream will detail all the new gameplay features coming with Season 3, quality of life updates, as well as the fresh Season Journey. The Gauntlet, the new competitive, leaderboard-driven endgame dungeon, will also be further detailed.

On the couch will be game design manager Daniel Tanguay, quest designer Madeleine James, and lead class designer Adam Jackson. Jackson will specifically cover the class updates coming with the new season. Associate director of community, Adam Fletcher, will be hosting.

Cogs...? | Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

You can watch the show, as always, live on Diablo's Twitch, and YouTube channels.

With the timing of the developer stream, and the lack of information so far, one can't help but wonder whether Season 3 will be meaningfully bigger (or even just as big) than Season 2. The previous season was revealed weeks in advance, and Blizzard made a big deal about so many of its features well ahead of time.

I guess we'll have to see whether or not our fears were misplaced on Thursday.

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