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Diablo 4's Season 3 patch has one other tiny change with a big impact

Blizzard left out a couple of interesting additions coming to Diablo 4 with the Season of the Construct patch, but we're glad they're included.

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

The full change log has been published for the big Diablo 4 Season 3 patch, which arrives tomorrow, January 23 and kicks off Season of the Construct. We already know pretty much everything included in patch 1.3.0, such as the new Season 3 content, updates to the Season Journey to make climbing through the tiers smoother, and the many quality of life changes and additions.

It turns out, there’s even more to get excited about in this patch.

Now that all the patch notes are out, we get to really dig deeper into everything coming to Diablo 4 very soon. One major quality of life addition that didn’t get enough attention has to do with event timers. Things like Helltides and so on require you to hover over the event icon to see the event’s remaining time.

Well, patch 1.3.0 finally makes it so event timers are always visible on the world map. This is especially good news now that Helltides will always be on rotation (save for a five-minute break).

Speaking of Helltides, the icons for the Chest of Mysteries, and Living Steel Chest have both been changed so that they stand out more when you’re looking at the map and trying to work out where they are.

There’s also a small tweak to how your character looks when it has/about to have the Chilled/Forzen status effect. The visuals have been updated to gradually show the effect increasing in intensity, which should make it easier to see how close you are to getting completely Frozen.

Players on controllers won’t just be getting a much better experience when trading Gold, as previously announced, the mount button bindings have been adjusted on controllers, too, with Blizzard saying the new layout is more intuitive.

One of the rewards you can earn in the Season 3 battle pass. | Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

The min-maxers out there will be happy to learn that any bonus from a keyword (like Berserking) will now always say whether the bonus is additive or multiplicative. This should tie in nicely with the new skill tree rework preview, as you’ll be able to refund entire paths or clumps and see the refund cost before you commit to a re-spec.

If you’re looking to maximise your look, however, the fact that Uber Uniques can now be unlocked as transmog options should make you happy.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, there’s an update to the Greed Shrine. The shrine will now drop some extra Gold after the effect expires, the amount of which depends on how many enemies were killed while the buff was active.

Finally, the Purified Sigil (which you get for completing a Nightmare Dungeon) will always reward you with a Sigil that is one tier above the dungeon you just finished. This arrives alongside a boost to Distilled Fear earned for completing a Nightmare Dungeon.

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