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Diablo 4's Season Journey gets better in Season 3, and that includes those annoying PvP challenges

Your journey through Diablo 4's Season of the Construct will be smoother, as Blizzard incorporates player feedback into designing seasonal challenges.

A screenshot of the Battle Pass from Diablo Season 3.
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

During last night’s Season of the Construct developer livestream, Blizzard delved deep into how it’s making the Season Journey of Diablo 4’s upcoming season more rewarding.The developer is tackling multiple areas that players were never truly happy with, such as objectives that, in Blizzard’s own words, have seen very low completion rates.

The Season Journey in Diablo 4 is tied to battle pass progression, but it is also entirely separate in that it has its own progression track with its own chapters, objectives, and unique rewards. Some of those rewards certainly feed back into the battle pass, but it’s best to view it as, well, a journey through the season.

With Season of the Construct being Diablo 4’s third, Blizzard has revealed how it’s using the data and player feedback from previous seasons to make this one better. For starters, progressing through the Season Journey will grant more of the Governing/Tuning Stones needed to customise your new companion, effectively giving you a bit of a boost if you decide to prioritise clearing those chapters.

On the subject of rewards, Champion, Slayer, and Destroyer chapters now reward Ancestral Legendaries, including some that drop at 925 power. Emblems, which is an aspect of character customisation in Diablo 4 that’s been neglected, are now part of both the Season Journey as well as the battle pass itself.

The seasonal questline will also no longer just pause until you complete certain Season Journey objectives, or reach certain milestones, which always felt like artificial padding to the questline’s runtime.

The biggest change, however, has to be the de-emphasising of PvP objectives in the Season Journey, which is very much the right decision. Blizzard did not say how PvP objectives have been altered, but anyone who could not care less about Diablo 4 PvP (such as myself) should no longer feel forced into fighting other players to clear off those chapter objectives.

In case you missed it, here are the quality of life updates coming with the new season, which include the arrival of WASD movement.

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