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Watch Blizzard tell you why you should care about Diablo 4's next season and its loot overhaul today

Blizzard returns today with a look at one of Diablo 4's biggest changes since its release.

Things have ranged from quiet to a little unfortunate on the Diablo 4 front of late, until Blizzard teased something to look forward to - which seems to always work with the Diablo 4 community.

The big event is a Campfire Chat livestream going live today, which will not only give us a tease of Season 4, it will discuss a major change arriving in the game with the new season that everyone should care about.

Today’s show will reveal the rationale behind Blizzard’s decision to overhaul itemisation and loot in Diablo 4. More specifically, how it affects drops, affixes/suffixes, as well as an apparently big update to the Codex of Power.

The changes are big enough that Blizzard is reviving the Public Test Realm (PTR), a first for Diablo 4. We expect it to kick off sometime before the new season, so here’s hoping more details on timing will be revealed in the stream, too.

The show will go live at 11am PT, 2pm ET, 6pm UK, and will be available to watch on Diablo’s official YouTube and Twitch channels, as always. We’ve embedded the Twitch player below, too.

You can expect associate game designer Charles Dunn, lead live class designer Adam Jackson, and associate game director Joe Piepiora to be on hand to explain it all, with community director Adam Fletcher hosting. As ever, there will be a Q&A segment at the end of the stream.

Season 3 has been poorly received by players, and prompted Blizzard to effectively nullify its main mechanic after so much backlash. In our review, we said Season of the Construct felt like it was made in a vacuum. Next week, of course, millions of potential new players will enter the world of Diablo 4 with the game’s arrival on Game Pass on March 28, so Blizzard is hoping the word of mouth around the game improves a bit ahead of that.

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