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How to get Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest

Looking to arm yourself against the island’s cannibals?

Washing up on an island full of cannibals and mutants, you’ll want to get armed and fast in Sons of the Forest. That means that as soon as your base is built and stomach full, it’s time to set off in search of some good gear and more importantly, resilient armor.

Across this cannibalistic albeit lush island, some of the best armor to kit yourself out in is the Tech Armor. This requires a resource that is a little tricky to find naturally. So, in this guide, we explain exactly how to get the Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest.

How to get Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest

To get Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest, you need to craft it using five different resources. We’ve listed these below.

  • 1x Wire
  • 1x Duct Tape
  • 1x Batteries
  • 1x Circuit Board
  • 1x Tech Mesh

You’ll need to craft this recipe 10 times altogether to have a full set of Tech Armor, so you actually require 10 of each resource.

Wire, Duct Tape, Batteries, and Circuit Boards will be found easily across the island. You can grab plenty of Wire, Duct Tape, and Batteries from campsites and caves, with Circuit Boards being acquired by destroying any laptops you find.

The one resource you might have some trouble finding in Sons of the Forest is Tech Mesh.

How to get Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest

Tech Mesh isn’t the easiest thing to find in Sons of the Forest, and that’s because it is created using Resin at the 3D Printer.

When you locate the 3D Printer, which is in a lab just slightly west of the cave containing the Rope Gun, you can craft Tech Mesh using it for 250ml Resin.

The player 3D prints tech mesh in Sons of the Forest
Rotate through the 3D Printer's options and choose Tech Mesh.

The 3D Printer you find should have plenty of Resin already, and you’ll find some additional cartons around the room. More Resin can be found in other underground buildings across the island, but you’ll need the Maintenance Keycard to access most of these.

The player looks at resin in Sons of the Forest
Here's what Resin cartons look like.

When you’re armed with enough resources and Tech Mesh, craft ten pieces of Tech Armor and finally equip it all.

Is Tech Armor good in Sons of the Forest?

The Tech Armor is the best set of armor in Sons of the Forest, nullifying damage from enemies and so forth. However, it takes a lot of resource collecting and crafting, and can be easily broken down.

As the Tech Armor consists of ten pieces, the more hits a piece takes, the more likely it is to break. Then, you’ll need to craft another piece of Tech Armor all over again to be fully protected. Basically, the armor is great, but it takes a lot of maintenance if you’re wanting to be armed at all times.

It’s worth relying on Creepy Armor where you can, and employing the Tech Armor for tougher fights. I recommend crafting some extra pieces for when the inevitable happens, though.

For more on Sons of the Forest, you could try out the Golden Armor as an alternative to Tech Armor (although, it’s not very good), and don’t forget to befriend Virginia. She can fight cannibals alongside you!

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