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Sea of Thieves sounds like it will be a fun high seas adventure

Microsoft finally showed off more of Rare's next project, Sea of Thieves, at E3 2016 and Arekkz was able to get his hands on it.

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Sea of Thieves sounds like it will be a fun high seas adventure

Direct capture wasn't available, but you can get an over-the-shoulder look at the floor demo in this video.

There's official clips of gameplay mixed in there, but the main focus of this video is to discuss some of the features.

Players who choose to play a pirate in the game will need a crew to operate their ship. You can't just sail such a large vessel by yourself. It is customizable too, which sound like it could be fun.

Each player on the ship will have a job, such as captain and the like. Unlike a single-player game where you have NPCs running around helping out, players will need to work as a team to keep the ship running properly.

When out on the high seas three ships, with five players on each, can battle it out, and this is where teamwork really comes into play. One will need to steer the ship, another will fire off canons and one will need to man the sails to help steer the ship. Manning the ship is really in-depth, so again, teamwork will be essential.

For example: the ship is large, so the captain can't really see past the sails when he is steering. Your teammates will have to help spot a ship or landmass and provide directions on whether to steer the port or starboard, or left and right respectively. The person manning the sails will also need to make sure to catch the wind properly in order for the captain to steer properly. The wind is visual, so that will help matters.

When doing battle, the ship will be damaged, and players will need to go down into the hull and repair the cannon holes with wood - because the ship will take on water. Just like a real ship, if too much water gets in, that's it. The ship and its crew will be sent to Davy Jones' Locker.

Other interesting tidbits: players can get captured and thrown into a jail cell in a rival's ship, needing rescue; when drinking in the game, the player can actually get drunk which will cause them to stumble around the ship.

Both Arekkz and TwoSixNine, like many others at E3 2016, seemed impressed with their time spent playing, and it does indeed sound very promising. Personally, we are looking forward to hearing more about it in the future.

Sea of Thieves is slated for a February 2017 release on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.

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