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Sea of Thieves Season 10 is adding in single-player servers so you can sail stress free

Safer Seas is arriving this December.

Sea of Thieves is adding in a new mode as part of its tenth season that should make players who like to play by themselves quite happy.

Like any online game, Sea of Thieves is no stranger to griefers. It's a game about being a pirate, so there are some who take the role a bit too seriously, making sailing around the Sea of Thieves a not completely enjoyable experience. Season 10 is kicking off in October, releasing over multiple instalments, and as detailed in a recent Xbox Wire blog post, a new mode is being added in: Safe Seas.

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"Safer Seas is intended to offer a gentler introduction to Sea of Thieves for new players, as well as providing a quieter map for existing players looking to pursue their own solo adventures," the blog post describes. "If you’re hoping to get some peaceful fishing done, or complete a few Tall Tales without interference, Safer Seas is the perfect choice. All applicable Commendations can be progressed in this game mode, so there’s a lot to work towards without needing to keep an eye on the horizon for enemy players."

Notably, you can still form a crew with your friends to take on various adventures with, so it doesn't have to be a completely solitary experience. This mode is being introduced in December, and with its introduction comes a new name for the classic way to play, High Seas. There are some caveats to the game mode though.

For one, rewards that you get for completing various tasks, meaning Trading Companies will give you less gold and reputation for any treasure you hand over - though Seasonal Renown is staying the same. There's also a rank cap of 40, meaning you can't reach the Pirate Legend status while playing in Safer Seas, and you can't take any voyages on behalf of the Athena's Fortune Trading Company. And PvP elements like The Reaper's Bones, the Emissary system, and Faction battle will also be unavailable.

When Season 10 does arrive in October, it will be kicking things off by adding shared progression within Guilds that multiple players can contribute to in order to unlock certain rewards. November will also see the arrival of competitive questing, in which all players on the same server will receive the same quest, and it will essentially be a race as to who completes it first.

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