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Sea of Thieves Captain Bones Special Recipe guide | How to get A Powerful Thirst commendation

You’ll need to find the Captain Bones Special Recipe if you want to finish the first new Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves and get all the new commendations.

Now you know what you're looking for, but the trouble is in finding it.

The sad skeleton who needs his grog refilled doesn’t give you the best of pointers, likely because they don’t have a brain anymore, but never fear. Our Captain Bones Special Recipe and Powerful Thirst guide is here to help.

Sea of Thieves A Powerful Thirst commendation

The road to the Powerful Thirst commendation begins in Sailor’s Grave.

Near the tavern is a pair of chess-playing skeletons.

Light the candle on the table with your lantern. Then, speak to them to learn one of them lacks a drink and wants you to fill their tankard with Captain Bones Special Recipe.

Sea of Thieves Captain Bones Special Recipe location

Turn right and exit the ship, then look for a ramp to take you up top. Follow the broken mast, leap into the wreckage of the ship in front of you, and go underwater.

Here, the path forward turns fairly linear. Keep moving ahead until you reach a pulley.

Interact with it to reach the level above you, and ignore the cursed captain because you definitely haven’t become trapped in doing so.

Once your makeshift elevator stops, interact with the next pulley system in front of you.

This one raises a set of crates. Jump on these to reach yet another pulley system. Activate this one to move two more crate sets.

For now, ignore the platform at the other end. Jump on the first crate set, and look right.

You’ll see a candle and a small gap in the rocks. Jump through the gap, and you’ll find Captain Bones Special Recipe.

Head back to the chess players to refill the tankard and unlock the commendation, which lets you move the Tall Tale forward.

If you're aiming to finish every quest in the new season, you'll need to find the Dark Brethren journals and Sunken Pearl journals as well. Sunken Pearl isn't the easiest Tall Tale to finish, but our Siren Spire puzzle guide should help see you through to the end.

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