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Sea of Thieves journal locations | Where to find all journals in The Sunken Pearl

The Sunken Pearl is the second of five Tall Tales that make up A Pirate's Life: the story mode questline for Sea of Thieves' third season, focussing around the crossover with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Sunken Pearl sees you heading to the ocean floor in search of the Black Pearl and Captain Jack Sparrow's trusty compass. An optional but rewarding objective during this Tall Tale is finding the five Sunken Pearl journals that are hidden around the quest areas. Finding all the journals will give you a bit of extra backstory, as well as unlocking the Pieces of Silver commendation.

It's worth knowing from the get-go that all of the journals are in Siren's Spire or the Siren Citadel, so don't worry about looking around the Black Pearl itself.

Sunken Pearl Journal #1 location: A Run of Good Luck

The first journal is in the chamber you arrive in as soon as you enter the Spire proper. It's the room where you solve the first Siren Statue puzzle.

Before tackling the puzzle, take a look around the room. Behind the central statue as you face it there's a couple of patches of bright blue coral with some wooden flotsam leaning against the wall between them. Check behind this debris to find the first journal.

Sunken Pearl Journal #2 location: An Ancient Mystery

You need to pick up the second journal after completing the third Siren Statue puzzle but before leaving the area. As the water level rises you'll float past the Siren Statue that was previously inaccessible up on a ledge — the one that's surrounded by glowing red rocks.

Stick close to this part of the room and you'll see a short crawl space just above the statue with the second journal in it. Grab it, but be sure to swim back out and carry on up to the new surface level before your character drowns!

Sunken Pearl Journal #3 location: Unwanted Company

Immediately upon solving the fourth Siren Statue puzzle and lowering the door with the big face carving that leads to the Citadel, you'll see two pieces of a shipwreck resting on the ocean floor.

Investigate the piece on the left-hand side to pick up the third journal.

Sunken Pearl Journal #4 location: From Bad to Worse

In the first chamber you reach after picking up the last journal, you'll be faced with yet another Siren Statue puzzle. Before completing it, look around at the back of the room for a hole you can swim through.

Swim down into the opening to find another chunk of shipwrecked deck with the fourth journal resting on it.

Sunken Pearl Journal #5 location: Don't Look for Us

The fifth and final journal is a bit more out-of-the-way than the other four. Upon reaching a large chamber in the Citadel, you'll see a chain pulley displayed prominently in the centre of the room.

Operate the pulley to raise or lower a section of shipwreck. Raising it to its middle position creates an obvious path between two higher level sections that were previously impassable — but it begins to lower again as soon as you let go of the pulley, so either raise it as high as it'll go and run for it, or stand on the shipwreck and get a crewmate to help you.

Either way, once you've reached the newly accessible area, follow the path where it leads up. Take a brief detour onto the shipwreck piece to your left and drop down the hole in the deck to the level below. Pick up the final journal from on top of one of the crates you find here.

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