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Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Pearl | How to complete the Statue Puzzles in Siren Spire

The Sunken Pearl is a Tall Tale introduced in the third season of Sea of Thieves — which, as most fans are already well aware, features a major crossover with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is the second of five Tall Tales that make up the season's story campaign A Pirate's Life. After you've completed the campaign's titular first quest, you'll need to head off in search of Captain Jack Sparrow's ship the Black Pearl… the only wrinkle is, it's currently in the Sunken Kingdom which, as the name suggests, is at the bottom of the ocean.

To get what you need from the Pearl you're going to need to traverse Siren Spire — where you'll need to complete puzzles (and occasionally fight enemies) to progress up through the levels of a tower.

The Sunken Pearl: Statue Puzzle #1

When you first enter Siren Spire, The Mysterious Voice that's guided you this far reveals herself to be significantly less friendly than she appeared and calls up some Ocean Crawlers — a new enemy type for the season — to fight you.

You need to defeat several waves of these enemies using your weapons of choice. When the last one goes down, they'll drop a Siren Heart.

Pick this up and do the rounds of the Siren Statues in the cavern — there are four in total, one of them larger than the others. When you reach the one with an empty cavity in its chest, follow the prompt to Return Siren Heart.

Look around the cavern and you'll spot a glowing mural depicting four Sirens that just happen to look a lot like those statues. From left to right, they are:

  • Holding a gem in one hand and a trident held low in the other.
  • Holding a coral in one hand and a trident held in the middle in the other.
  • Holding a chain in one hand and a trident held high in the other.
  • A larger Siren holding a conch to its mouth.

To solve this puzzle, you need to move each statue's arm so that they're holding their tridents in the position indicated by the mural.

Just be aware that the angles shown in the mural are a bit misleading — in particular, the trident that's held low in the mural actually needs to be angled down towards the floor on the statue.

Interact with the statues' arms by bashing them with your weapon of choice. If you're still not sure about positioning, move each statue arm through a few different rotations until you've got a clear idea of how they relate to each other — that should make it easier.

Once you've got the statues in position, use your weapon on the large statue with the conch in the centre of the cavern. If the solution is correct, the cavern will slowly begin filling with water, raising you up to the next level.

(And if you got it wrong, there's no penalty, so you can try again if you need to.)

The Sunken Pearl: Statue Puzzle #2

Good news: the second puzzle is very similar to the first. You'll even be using the same statues. Less good news: you'll be doing the same thing again but underwater this time, thanks to the new water level in the cavern.

(It's not really that much of a hardship: just be sure to keep gulping down any air bubbles you pass to increase your oxygen, or resurface if you really need to.)

There's a new mural on this level of the cavern, but it's really quite easy to remember: each of the three smaller Sirens is holding their trident at the highest position. On the statues, this means that the tip of the trident needs to be pointing back over their shoulders.

Swim down to the last level, adjust the arms on the three smaller statues, and bash the larger statue so it blows on its conch again.

Rather than raising the whole water level this time, a single geyser shoots out right in front of the mural you used to solve the latest puzzle. Stand on it and take a wild ride to the next level!

The Sunken Pearl: Statue Puzzle #3

Reaching this level of the cavern triggers another two waves of Ocean Crawlers you need to fight off. Be sure to pick up the Siren Heart the last one drops.

This level features a new mural and also a new set of statues, so find the one missing its heart and pop that back in its rightful place.

This time Sirens in the mural are as follows, from left to right:

  • Holding a coral in one hand and a trident held low in the other.
  • Holding a chain in one hand and a trident held in the middle in the other.
  • Holding a gem in one hand and a trident held high in the other.
  • A larger Siren holding a conch to its mouth.

This puzzle is largely the same as the last two, except that one of the statues is up on a ledge above you and out of reach of your melee or short-range weapons. Luckily there's an armory box nearby, so you're not stuck if you didn't pack the right equipment.

Interact with the large Siren statue to make it blow its conch once more and, if you got it right, the cavern will begin flooding again. Allow yourself to be gently floated upward on the rising water.

When you reach dry ground on the new level, you'll see a ramp made out of what appears to be the spine of some large aquatic mammal leading up higher still.

Climb the skeleton and then keep hopping up makeshift stairs until you reach a landing with a mermaid checkpoint statue and a shimmering barrier.

The Sunken Pearl: Statue Puzzle #4

When you're ready to continue, cut through the barrier with your weapon. You'll land up in a kind of observation room at the top of the Spire, where the Mysterious Voice will reveal her true identity and give you a classic villain speech, all while what looks suspiciously like a Kraken circles menacingly around outside.

Once she's done, cut through the barriers keeping the room dry and you'll be back out in the ocean. It's time to start keeping on top of your air bubbles again.

Before you get moving again, you'll need to defeat several enemy Sirens in combat. The final one you dispatch will drop another Siren Heart — be very sure to pick this up from wherever it happens to fall!

Pull out Jack's Compass and follow it to a rock wall with a carving of a Siren face on it, and with a statue to either side. Place the Siren Heart in the empty chest of the right-hand statue.

Look back to the Siren face and you'll notice there's a familiar bit of mural to either side, indicating for you to move both statues' trident arms to the middle position. With this done, swim up to the ledge above the left statue to interact with another Big Siren Statue with Conch.

When you get this right, the cave wall with the Siren face carved into it will lower, allowing you access to the Siren Citadel and the next phase of the quest.

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