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Saints Row: Here’s an in-depth look at customization

Get a look at the customization of weapons, gangs, bases, cars, and of course the player character in the Saints Row reboot.

If you’re looking forward to the upcoming reboot of Saints Row, we’ve got a bit of a treat for you - a very in-depth look at the character and ride customization in the game courtesy of VG247 video whizz Dorrani.

In the video you can get a look at the six default character options, the fully-fledged character creator where you can get hyper weird and wonderful with an impressive top-to-bottom customization system. Including customization of your character’s more… private parts.

In an interesting touch we’ve never seen before, you can also edit the left and right sides of a character’s face independently from each other - meaning you can create a deliberately asymmetrical face. I don’t think we’ve seen that in a game before - though if wrong, I’m sure one of you will correct me.

There’s also a fair amount of the vehicle customization, including decals, engine sounds, horns, and upgrade kits that improve each vehicle’s utility. These upgrades include an ejector seat. Which is extremely rad. Weapons get similar treatment, too.

There’s even customization over your gang base and how your gang itself looks. Basically, no two Saints Row saves are going to be exactly the same. Fans can even get a head start, where they can build their character before launch inside the Saints Row app..

This is the same stuff that’s aired today during the latest Saint’s Row showcase on the game’s official channels - but we got an early look and decided to put our own spin on things.

This look at customization follows earlier glimpses at gameplay, the game’s opening, and vehicular combat.

The latest Saints Row - which is a full-on reboot that does away with the increasingly broken continuity of the original 360 and PS3 era games - has been a long time coming. We first got a look at the game last August, and since then the game has been quietly delayed once, to this August. It’s now set for August 23.

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