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Saints Row Boss Factory is a demo entirely focused on character creation

Test out making your own character ahead of the game's launch this August.

Saints Row Boss Factory is an odd demo that lets you test out making a custom character in the upcoming reboot.

Announced at Summer Games Fest, the demo is available to download now for free on Xbox, PlayStation, and the Epic Games store. "Boss Factory allows you to nip and tuck your Boss to your heart’s content," reads a press release.

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"Along with outfits, hair, footwear, accessories and body options, asymmetrical face customization is included for the very first time so you can really get the creative juices flowing. Players also have the option to choose from one of eight voice options for their Boss, and can choose from scores of emotes to add that extra flair."

The best part is the fact that if you're happy with whatever creations you come up with, you can save them, and use them when Saints Row launches August 23.

You can also head to the game's official website to check out other players' creations, and if you choose to share one, you'll get two free helmets to use in the game. And you'll be able to edit any creations you download from the Boss Factory hub.

Other than creating your character, that's it for Saints Row Boss Factory, though it looks like there are plenty of options on offer. So at least that'll be something to fiddle around with until the game launches.

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