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PlayStation Plus' headline game for September has leaked, but it's a bit disappointing

Swings and roundabouts!

As is tradition by this point in time, September's PlayStation Plus Essentials main game has leaked.

It's another month, and another PlayStation Plus leak from billbil-kun, this time claiming that the big name title for September's Essentials tier is 2022's reboot of Saints Row. Billbil-kun noted that they couldn't fully confirm what the other two titles might be just yet, so there's a chance you'll have to wait until an official reveal on those ones. Saints Row might not be the best addition for some of you either, as for many it was one of the bigger disappointments in 2022.

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Across the board, the Saints Row reboot received pretty middling reviews, with our own review not being any different. One point of criticism our own James had at the time is that "you can feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over. While there are a lot of different Side Hustles and activity types, there are a lot of instances of the same activity all over the map and your businesses require around 7-ish repetitions of the same kind of mission to max out."

There's also the fact that the game launched in quite the buggy state, much of which was fixed at a later date, but it definitely didn't set the game up for much success.

If you were curious about trying out the game, though, it isn't coming at the worst of times. The game's third and final bit of DLC arrived earlier this month, so if you pick it up through PlayStation Plus and end up having some fun, there'll be more for you to check out at the very least.

Alternatively, the game recently arrived on Steam, where it's currently 67% off, so you could always pick it up there if you want to own it outright for cheap.

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