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Rocket League codes for February 2024

Revvin' the engine

1st February 2024: We checked for new Rocket League codes.

Rocket League codes are the best way to get free things in the game. There’s usually an impressive array of free things on offer, from decals to wheels, rocket boosts and more, plus they're available on any platform.

The codes are always for items to customize your car and can sometimes include whole cosmetic sets. Since you normally have to spend credits or money in the Item Shop to get cosmetics, it's a useful way to keep your Rocket Pass points for something else. Psyonix often adds these codes in trailers, but they also randomly drop them during Rocket League eSports events. We’ll keep the list updated with any new Rocket League codes as well.

Cover image for YouTube videoRocket League Knockout Bash Trailer

Active Rocket League codes

There's still only one active code to bolster your garage. However, we’ll keep this list updated as more (hopefully) rollout onto the pitch.

  • Popcorn: Limited Popcorn rocket boost

Expired Rocket League codes

These are all of the codes Psyonix has blown for full time on. If you enter something and it comes back invalid, you’ll likely find it on this list.

  • Bekind: VCR Limited Trooper
  • Truffleshuffle: Octane Goonies decal
  • wrestlemania: WWE antenna, wheels, two banners
  • WWE18: WWE antenna, wheels, two banners
  • wwedads: WWE antenna, wheels, two banners
  • shazam: Octane Shazam decal and wheels
  • couchpotato: Couch Potato title
  • rlbirthday: WWE antenna, wheels, two banners
  • rlnitro: Breakout Nitro Circus decal and antenna
  • SARPBC: SARPBC logo, car, antenna

How to redeem Rocket League codes

Click the Settings button the left of the screen and then choose the "Extras" tab and choose "Redeem Code". Once you've collected your rewards, you're free to enter another code with no cooldown time.

Rocket League isn’t the only free-to-play game with special goods on offer. Genshin Impact issues promo codes each month for Primogems and more, and AFK Arena codes are a good way to get lots of gold and diamonds from the start.

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