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Rise of the Tomb Raider's 3 graphic modes seen on PS4 Pro are all improved on Xbox One X - report

Rise of the Tomb Raider fans who are holding out for the Xbox One X update won't be disappointed, according to a new report.

The Xbox One X version was on show at gamescom 2017, and early impressions reveal a noticeable visual upgrade over the PS4 Pro version.

The Xbox One X port is being handled by Nixxes, the same studio behind all other ports, including PC, and PS4 Pro. Digital Foundry reports that the three graphics modes introduced with the PS4 Pro version return on Xbox One X.

Not only that, each one benefits from the increased power of the Xbox One X. Instead of a checkerboard 4K presentation, the Xbox One X version is upgraded to a native 4K with "consistent" 30fps. This upgrade also touches the assets, which have increased resolution and better texture filtering.

The enriched mode is also available on Xbox One X, but instead of dropping the resolution to 1080p like on PS4 Pro, it remains running on 4K, though with the help of checkerboarding this time. The report doesn't indicate how the developer managed to do this, but it could point to a dynamic resolution solution.

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Then there's the option that favours frame-rate by dropping the resolution and graphics to standard Xbox One levels. In this case, the demo showed a locked 60fps presentation, but the site noted that it wasn't able to test a typically demanding part of the game in the available demo.

Though it's still an early demo, showing a specific section of the game, but there are nonetheless improvements across the board compared to PS4 Pro.

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