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Come watch our Resident Evil 7 stream as we continue our murderous rampage slash terrified quivering

Resident Evil 7 holds no terrors for us! Some of this statement is an abject lie. Most of it.

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Resident Evil 7 somehow manages to be scary for the player even with a roomful of helpful Twitch chatters. (Slightly less so with our Resident Evil 7 guide and walkthrough, plug plug.)

Nevertheless, misery loves company so come cheer Shabana on and comfort her in her time of distress. Hopefully Resident Evil 7 won't give her an actual heart attack; I think we'd get sued.

If you've not been watching so far, yesterday Shabana took down who had killed her with a in the previous session. What dark secrets will the Baker mansion throw at her next? How will Resident Evil 7 top yesterday's scares?

And most pressing of all our questions, how long can we keep streaming Resident Evil 7 before our nerves fail us?

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