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Red Dead Online weekly Collector's Items - Where to find the Eagle Egg, Brush, and Bone Arrowhead

Intrepid explorers, there are now untold treasures to be found weekly all over Red Dead Online! To really flex your collecting muscles, you need to hunt down the prestige Collector’s Items and find the Eagle Egg, Brush, and Bone Arrowhead.

Once you’ve tracked down each of these beauteous boons, you can take them back to Madam Nazar’s location for profit.

Here’s where you need to look!

Red Dead Online Eagle Egg location

First up is the Eagle Egg Collector’s Item, which we’re dealing with now because it requires the most effort to snag and can be messed up.

To get the Eagle Egg you need to shoot it out of a nest in the north of the map.

You’ll find the nest to the southwest of Strawberry and to the south of the Owanjila and Owanjila Dam.

Once you’ve located the egg at the top of the tree, you need to shoot it out with a low-powered weapon - like the Varmint Rifle.

Otherwise you’ll destroy what you’re looking for and have to load a new session to get it to respawn.

Red Dead Online Brush location

After that exertion, the Brush is easier to acquire.

All you need to do is travel to northeast of the map, near the Van Horn Trading Post, and head a little further north towards the Elysian Pool.

At the shelter marked on the map below you’ll find the Brush on some furniture:

Red Dead Online Bone Arrowhead location

Finally, you’ll have to use your new special collecting shovel for the Bone Arrowhead.

It looks like there are multiple locations that this can spawn in.

Some are reporting that you have to travel to the southwest of the map - New Austin - towards Armadillo and head south.

You’re looking for an island in the San Luis River to the south of Lake Don Julio.

You have to use your shovel to undercover the Bone Arrowhead, walk around the island and feel for vibrations.

However if you can’t find it there, YouTuber Benjamin uploaded a video of an alternate location over in Lemoyne, south of Rhodes and east of Braithwaite Manor - just to the south of Bolder Glade.

We’ve embedded the video below:

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