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Quantum Break is "well-optimized around Xbox One hardware," says Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry has taken a look at Quantum Break on Xbox One and provided an analysis based on time spent with the Remedy title.

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According to the report, the overall impression is that Quantum Break is "well-optimized around Xbox One hardware," with a relatively stable level of performance with unique visual effects.

Digital Foundry said the short time spent playing the first two chapters of the game only offered a "slice of the overall experience," but the report states they came away "impressed by the technology" seen.

The report did note "noticeable compromises at work" bringing the game's film-style visuals to Xbox One. The anti-aliasing solution in Quantum Break is "excellent" but there was some "shimmering present across edges in motion," and nailing down the resolution proved "difficult."

Read more on the technical aspects noted in the report through the link. A Windows 10 PC analysis will be performed at a later date.

Quantum Break releases for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on April 5.

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