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Quantum Break Windows Store exclusive, not coming to Steam

Microsoft has confirmed what many thought would be the case, that Quantum Break is not coming to Steam.


Microsoft's Windows Store is starting to seem a bit like EA's Origin. In that, games published by the publisher of each platform will only be coming to said platform.

Now that PC players are done celebrating the announcement of Quantum Break coming to PC, Microsoft has confirmed what many feared, that the game will not be coming to Steam.

The company's Aaron Greenberg said on the Major Nelson podcast that Quantum Break will be a Windows Store exclusive.

"We always want to hear people's feedback, we're always listening. While they might not always agree with 100 percent of everything we do, we love the feedback," Greenberg said about some of the fan reaction to last week's announcement.

Greenberg also added that releasing games on PC does not mean the company has given up on Xbox One. "Please do not let the fact that we are also launching a game on the same day on Windows 10 change your perspective on the importance of the console business [or] our commitment to innovating on console," the executive said.

While this is disappointing news for many, there's nothing to say Remedy won't bring a self-published version of the game to Steam at some point in the future. For now, however, playing Quantum Break on PC can only be done through the Windows 10 Store.

Thanks, DualShockers.

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