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Quantum Break's PC version suffers from a variety of issues

It seems the PC version of Quantum Break has some issues.

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Quantum Break on PC has a variety of issues

According to Digital Foundry, the Windows 10 version of Remedy's latest suffers framerate problems, lacks a "quit game" button, image quality, and Nvidia hardware crashes the game often.

One of the main complaints was the game being unable to run at 60fps on a 60Hz monitor. Even using an Nvidia Titan X, a framerate matching the refresh rate on a user's monitor isn't possible. Even a monitor with a higher refresh rate cannot produce framerate as consistent as the Xbox One version.

"In situations like this, it's hard not to sympathize with the developer to a certain extent - and it's an especially surprising situation as Remedy is well known for delivering excellent PC products," states the report. "But perhaps this port simply needed more time to adapt into a series of new systems imposed on it - Quantum Break makes use of the relatively new DirectX 12 API and it has to cope with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) too.

"The game's core design is tailored to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the Xbox One console. While Microsoft's universal approach to app development is designed specifically to enable easier cross-platform development, it's clear that high-end games still require special care.

"While we feel for Remedy, the reality is that Microsoft is still asking customers to fork out £49.99 for a game that just doesn't work as it should. When a PC equipped with the fastest hardware available falls short of the consistency offered by a far less capable console, you know there's something wrong."

Digital Foundry said better drivers from Nvidia could help alleviate crashing issues, and when performances between the firm's GTX 970 and the AMD R9 390 were compared, the latter won out big time.

several Quantum Breaks's issues "are a direct result of UWP's lack of features and quality," and even downloading and installing the game "is a trial" unless a SSD is used.

The report states most of the issues with the PC version can be resolved by the developer, but in the end, more time should have been spent on developing this version.

You can read the full report over on Eurogamer which breaks everything down in an organized manner. The video above also provides a rundown of the performance issues found with the W10 version.

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