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PS VR 2 impressions round-up: "It really is a huge step forward for PSVR"

We take a look at early impressions of Sony's upcoming venture into the VR landscape.

Early impressions for the PSVR 2 are out on the internet, thanks to Sony inviting a whole bunch of press and content creators to try out its next big step into the virtual reality battlefield. With goggles on and controllers in hand, several attendees travelled and wrote up their impressions, which we have decided to compile in one place here.

As such, if you’re curious about whether or not the PSVR 2 is making enough progress beyond its previous iteration, you can find a collection of diverse impressions below. Of course, we’ve credited and linked back to each piece, and we highly recommend you jump over and read them all if you’d like to know more!

One game that wasn't highlighted in any of these impressions was Demeo — which got a new trailer last night.

First up, we have Ian Higton’s excellent write up of their impressions over at Eurogamer. In their extended impressions piece, they cover not only their thoughts on the hardware itself, but also VR titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, and the enhanced edition of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge. They kick off their piece with: “Wow. Wow, wow, wow. That's the word that keeps springing to mind when I try to sum up my time with PlayStation VR 2. As a fervent fan of VR for many years now, it's safe to say that my first hands-on experience with Sony's upcoming headset wowed my VR-loving socks off.”

Jay Peters over at The Verge came away with more conservative, yet still positive impression of the new hardware in their written coverage. Kickstarting their piece by immediately comparing it to the original PSVR, Peters sets a high bar immediately by stating: “Even after just a little bit of time with the device, it seems like the new headset will be a major upgrade from the original PSVR in nearly every way.” They later lay on heavy praise on the Sense controllers, stating the haptics were “excellent” which makes sense considering the PS5 pad’s brilliant haptic feedback.

Polygon writer Matt Leone makes no attempt to hide their affection for the new headset in their impression piece — titled: ‘PlayStation VR2 is making me fall in love with VR again’. After trying out four titles on the system during their press session with the hardware, Leone states that the experience with the PSVR 2 “I'm reminded of what we’ve been missing.”

Finally, let's show some YouTube creators some love by highlighting Virtual Reality Oasis’ impressions video of the PSVR 2. As you may have predicted, it was yet another positive take away from the hands-on event. They state early on “putting the headset on for the very first time, I was immediately impressed with how the soft rubber face gasket contours to your face, blocking out all the surrounding light so you’re completely immersed in the headset.

Ultimately, it certainly seems as though the PSVR 2 is making waves early on. Again, if you are keen on finding out more about the headsets, go ahead and read or watch all of the coverage we mentioned above. Otherwise what on earth did they all take the train for? Give ‘em some love.

For those who don’t know, the PS VR 2 has a vague 2023 release date — which means that we’ve not got too long to wait until we can slap it on our faces.

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