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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet AI Sada and AI Turo team: How to beat the final boss

Time to go down to the depths of Area Zero.

As you approach the end of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s main story, you’ll find yourself facing off against the Elite Four, Pokemon Champion Geeta, and one final, mysterious boss deep in Area Zero. Take this as your spoiler warning!

After delving into the Great Crater of Paldea and checking out what Pokemon the area has to offer, you’ll eventually meet with Professor Sada (if playing Scarlet), or Professor Turo (if playing Violet). Except, something isn’t quite right with either of them, and it doesn’t take long before it’s unearthed that these aren’t the professors whatsoever, and AI hosts for their memories instead.

This ends up with a grand, ultimate battle against either AI Sada or AI Turo as you complete the final questline, ‘The Way Home’. Without further ado, here’s how to beat AI Sada and AI Turo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet AI Sada Team Strategy

If you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet, you’ll be required to face off against AI Sada and her team of Paradox Pokemon, all of which are exclusive to your version of the game.

Paradox Pokemon of Jigglypuff, Scream Tail, in Area Zero on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Scream Tail might be adorable, but they're filled with ancient rage.

AI Sada’s team and their weaknesses are as follows:

  1. Slither Wing (Level 66, Bug/Fighting) - Weak to Fairy, Flying, Fire, and Psychic-types.
  2. Scream Tail (Level 66, Fairy/Psychic) - Weak to Psychic, Steel, and Poison-types.
  3. Brute Bonnet (Level 66, Grass/Dark) - Weak to Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Bug, Flying, Poison, and Ice-types.
  4. Sandy Shocks (Level 66, Electric/Ground) - Weak to Ground, Grass, Water, and Ice-types.
  5. Flutter Mane (Level 66, Ghost/Fairy) - Weak to Dark and Ghost-types.
  6. Roaring Moon (Level 67, Dark/Dragon) - Weak to Dragon, Ice, Fairy, Fighting, and Bug-types.

Sada’s team are a mixed bag of weaknesses, but it’s safe to say that having a strong Fairy-type to take on Roaring Moon, Slither Wing, and Brute Bonnet is a good choice.

When it comes to Scream Tail, use a Psychic, Steel, or Poison-type Pokemon, and then bring out a Dark or Ghost-type for Flutter Mane.

As for Sandy Shocks, you have a choice of which Pokemon to use, with it being weak to multiple types: Ground, Grass, Water, and Ice.

Pokemon Violet AI Turo Team Strategy

If you’re playing Pokemon Violet, you’ll be battling with AI Turo and his party of Paradox Pokemon that are exclusive to Violet.

AI Turo’s team and their weaknesses are as follows:

  1. Iron Moth (Level 66, Fire/Poison) - Weak to Psychic, Rock, Water, and Ground-types.
  2. Iron Bundle (Level 66, Ice/Water) - Weak to Fighting, Electric, Grass, and Rock-types.
  3. Iron Hands (Level 66, Fighting/Electric) - Weak to Ground, Psychic, and Fairy-types.
  4. Iron Jugulis (Level 66, Dark/Flying) - Weak to Electric, Ice, Rock, and Fairy-types.
  5. Iron Thorns (Level 66, Rock/Electric) - Weak to Grass, Ground, Water, and Fighting-types.
  6. Iron Valiant (Level 66, Fairy/Fighting) - Weak to Flying, Fairy, Psychic, Steel, and Poison-types.

Similarly to AI Sada’s team, AI Turo has three Pokemon in his party that will be susceptible to a strong Fairy-type: Iron Hands, Iron Jugulis, and Iron Valiant.

As for the other three Pokemon, you can use a Grass-type against Iron Bundle and Iron Thorns, with a Psychic, Rock, Water, or Ground-type for Iron Moth.

On the other hand, you can use a Ground-type for Iron Moth and Iron Thorns, with Fighting, Electric, Grass, or a Rock-type to combat Iron Bundle.

With your ultimate battle against AI Sada or AI Turo completed, there’s only one more Pokemon to face up against; you need not worry too much about this fight though.

Now, feel free to take on the Gym Leaders a second time, explore Area Zero and capture its Paradox Pokemon, or go about breeding those IV-perfect Pokemon.

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