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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Elite Four teams: How to pass the Champion Assessment answers

It’s time to prove that you’re the very best.

At the end of your long adventure, a tough test awaits. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Elite Four are a crack team of powerful trainers who serve as the ultimate test challenge for any potential pokemon master. However, before you can even face them, you need to correctly respond with all of the Champion Assessment answers first.

In the open world of Paldea, you’re left to roam free as you search for your personal ‘treasure’. This means combatting Titans, Team Star, and each Gym Leader at your own pace, and in your own chosen order. If you’re here, it’s safe to assume you’ve managed to collect all eight Gym Badges, and all that’s left for you to face is the Elite Four.

Which starter did you choose, and have they made it to the Elite Four?

The Elite Four is composed of four Pokemon professionals — Rika, Poppy, Larry, and Hassel — with ruthless teams, That said, if you’ve your own strong team and an idea of Pokemon-type weaknesses, the Elite Four may be a breeze for you. However, your first part of becoming a champion consists of a quiz known as the Champion Assessment, that you can fail easily enough.

To show you're the very best, here’s how to pass the Champion Assessment and beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Champion Assessment Answers

Before you’re able to face the Elite Four in battle, you’ll undergo a brief interrogation from Rika called the Champion Assessment.

The answers to the Champion Assessment are listed below, and while you can choose different dialogue options here and there, it is worth noting that it’s possible to fail this assessment if you deviate too much!

  1. I walked
  2. Naranja Academy (if playing Scarlet) or Uva Academy (if playing Violet)
  3. I came to become a champion
  4. I want to find treasure
  5. Medali Gym
  6. Larry
  7. Normal
  8. Select whichever Paldean starter you chose in your game!
  9. I want to find treasure
  10. Yes

With those answers submitted, you’ll pass the Champion Assessment and be invited to finally take on the Elite Four.

Rika of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Rika is the first of the Elite Four.

How to beat Rika of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As you may already be aware, the Elite Four is a test of strength for any Pokemon Trainer. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it is no different. You’ll have to face the four Trainers one after the other, using resources in your bag to restore your party’s health and moves between battle.

You will also be able to terrastallise once per battle, too.

Rika’s party of Pokemon, and their weaknesses, are as follows:

  1. Whiscash (Level 57, Water/Ground) - Weak to Grass-types.
  2. Donphan (Level 57, Ground) - Weak to Grass, Water, and Ice-types.
  3. Camerupt (Level 57, Fire/Ground) - Weak to Ground and Water-types.
  4. Dugtrio (Level 57, Ground) - Weak to Grass, Water, and Ice-types.
  5. Clodsire (Level 58, Ground/Poison, Ground Tera Type) - Weak to Ground, Psychic, and Ice types. Weak to Grass and Ice Tera Types.

As you can see, if you’ve a Grass-type in your party, Rika will be easy to face off against. They’re even easier if you’ve an Ice-type for back-up too, so you can save some PP.

Without a Grass-type, you’ll be in a bit of a pinch during this fight, but can combat Rika with Ground, Water, and Ice-types instead. Just bear in mind that Rika’s team consists of Ground-types, so using a Ground-type yourself is not the best defensively.

Poppy of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Poppy might be small but her team is mighty.

How to beat Poppy of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Poppy has a team of Steel-types prepared, all with specific Dual-typings excluding Copperajah.

Poppy’s full team for the Elite Four and their weaknesses are as follows:

  1. Copperajah (Level 58, Steel) - Weak to Ground, Fire, and Fighting-types.
  2. Bronzong (Level 58, Steel/Psychic) - Weak to Ground, Fire, Dark, and Ghost-types.
  3. Magnezone (Level 58, Electric/Steel) - Weak to Ground, Fire, and Fighting-types.
  4. Corviknight (Level 58, Flying/Steel) - Weak to Fire, and Electric-types.
  5. Tinkaton (Level 59, Fairy/Steel, Steel Tera Type) - Weak to Ground, Fire, and Fighting. Weak to Ground, Fire, and Fighting Tera Types.

With Poppy’s team, a particularly strong Fire-type, such as Armarouge or Ceruledge will get you through the battle with little to no trouble at all. Every Pokemon in Poppy’s party shares the weakness, and failing that, a Fighting-type with an Electric-type to back you up will also do the job.

Larry of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Perhaps the best character in all of Generation 9 is Larry.

How to beat Larry of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

You’ll already be quite familiar with Larry, who fronts the Medali Gym as its leader in his spare time (which seems minimal). He’s back with an all-new party of Flying-types this time.

Larry’s Elite Four party of Pokemon and their weaknesses are as follows:

  1. Tropius (Level 59, Grass/Flying) - Weak to Ice, Rock, Poison, Fire, and Flying-types.
  2. Staraptor (Level 59, Normal/Flying) - Weak to Ice, Rock, and Electric-types.
  3. Oricorio (Level 59, Electric/Flying) - Weak to Ice, and Rock-types.
  4. Altaria (Level 59, Dragon/Flying) - Weak to Ice, Rock, Fairy, and Dragon-types.
  5. Flamigo (Level 60, Fighting/Flying, Flying Tera Type) - Weak to Ice, Fairy, Electric, Psychic, and Flying-types. Weak to Ice, Rock, and Electric Tera Types.

The common weakness across Larry’s team is Ice. Every single Pokemon of his will succumb to Ice-type moves, so if you happen to have a strong Ice-type on your party, you’re in luck.

If not, the majority of Larry’s team can be easily wiped using Rock-types. Altaria is the only ‘mon in this party that isn’t weak to Rock, but they can be beaten using a Fairy-type easily, if you don’t have an Ice-type.

Hassel of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Last but not least is Hassel, seen here in his art classroom!

How to beat Hassel of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Hassel is the final of the Elite Four, and while he may appear to be the toughest, you’ll soon find that he is one big baby. His team comprises Dragon-types, and once again, an Ice-type is going to come in clutch.

Hassle’s Elite Four team and their weaknesses are as follows:

  1. Noviern (Level 60, Dragon/Flying) - Weak to Ice, Dragon, Fairy, and Rock-types.
  2. Dragalge (Level 60, Dragon/Poison) - Weak to Ice, Dragon, Psychic, and Ground-types.
  3. Haxorus (Level 60, Dragon) - Weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-types.
  4. Flapple (Level 60, Dragon/Grass) - Weak to Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Bug, Flying, and Poison-types.
  5. Baxcalibur (Level 61, Dragon/Ice, Dragon Tera Type) - Weak to Dragon, Fairy, Steel, Rock, and Fighting-types. Weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy Tera Types.

Every Pokemon in Hassel’s party shares two weakness, and those are Ice and Dragon-types. If you have an Ice-type in your party with plenty of PP left, this battle will be an absolute breeze. While you can use a Dragon-type, we recommend against it, given that your Dragon-type will likely also be weak to Hassel’s Dragon-type moves.

Without an Ice or Dragon-type, this battle can be tricky. That said, a good Fairy-type is a strong alternative and will get you through each Pokemon in Hassel’s party bar one, Dragalge. In Dragalge’s case, you can switch to a Ground or Psychic-type to take them down.

Now that you’ve defeated the Elite Four, there is only one Pokemon professional left for you to beat before you can bask in the glory of being champion, and that’s Champion Geeta.

Once you manage to defeat Geeta, be sure to check out all of Gen 9’s new Pokemon and collect ‘em all.

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