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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to beat Champion Geeta

You’re only one step away from being a Pokemon Champion!

In traditional Pokemon fashion, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has you face off against the Pokemon Champion once you’ve finally waded your way through the abundance of Gym Leaders, Titans, and Team Star bosses.

It’s the ultimate test of strength for any Pokemon Trainer, and isn’t all that easy. That is, unless, you’ve got a party of trained Pokemon and know how to combat each Pokemon’s weaknesses in battle. After taking on the Elite Four, you’ll be sent to face off against Champion Geeta and her team of varying types.

With that in mind, here’s how to beat Champion Geeta in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to beat Champion Geeta in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Unlike the Elite Four, who have teams of Pokemon comprised around a single type, Champion Geeta’s team is a mixed bag. With no single type’s weaknesses to focus on, it’s hard to choose which Pokemon you should go up against Geeta with.

Champion Geeta pre-battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Champion Geeta’s team and their weaknesses are as follows:

  1. Espathra (Level 61, Psychic) - Weak to Ghost, Dark, and Bug-types.
  2. Gogoat (Level 61, Grass) - Weak to Fire, Flying, Bug, Poison, and Ice-types.
  3. Veluza (Level 61, Water/Psychic) - Weak to Dark, Bug, Grass, Ghost, and Electric-types.
  4. Avalugg (Level 61, Ice) - Weak to Fire, Rock, Steel, and Fighting-types.
  5. Kingambit (Level 61, Steel/Dark) - Weak to Ground, Fire, and Fighting-types.
  6. Glimmora (Level 62, Rock/Poison, Rock Tera Type) - Weak to Steel, Water, Ground, and Psychic-types. Weak to Steel, Water, Ground, Fighting, and Grass Tera Types.

Espathra, Gogoat, and Veluza are all weak to Bug-type moves, with Avalugg, Kingambit, and terastallised Glimmora all being weak to Fighting-type moves. With both a Bug-type and Fighting-type in your party, you’ll be able to combat Geeta’s team with ease.

That said, I didn’t have either type in my own party and managed to get through the team just fine (on my second attempt). I managed to take on much of Geeta’s team, specifically Avalugg, Kingambit, and Gogoat, using my Fire-type, while I took on Espathra and Veluza using the Dark-type moves that I had Meowscarada learn.

Finally, I simply terastallised my Grass-type Pokemon against Glimmora, and the rest is history. Without Bug or Fighting Pokemon, you can use Grass and Dark Pokemon to easily see this battle through. Steel is also a useful pick here against Glimmora and Avalugg.

With Champion Geeta defeated, you can finally claim the title of Pokemon Champion. That said, the game is far from over… It’s now time to explore all the new Paradox Pokemon that the Great Crater of Paldea has to offer, and to battle it out with the final boss.

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