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Pokemon Go players caught over one billion Pokemon during Pokemon Go Fest 2022

That's quite a number.

This past weekend, Niantic hosted Pokemon Go Fest 2022, and according to the company, it was a rousing success.

Things kicked off on Saturday, June 4 with a two-day global event which ended the following day, Sunday, June 5.

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According to stats posted by Niantic, Pokemon Go players captured over one billion Pokemon, spun over 750 million PokeStops, and collectively walked over 100 million kilometers

On the first day of this year’s Pokemon Go Fest, folks around the globe worked with Professor Willow in Special Research. The reward for completion was an encounter with the adorable Mythical Pokemon Shaymin in its Land Forme.

The second day of the festivities saw Ultra Wormholes form in the sky and at Gyms. This spectacle hailed the arrival of Ultra Beast Nihilego who appeared in five-star raids. During this time, Trainers met the mysterious Go Ultra Recon Squad member Rhi. Much like Professor Willow, the stranger had a set of tasks for players to complete.

And the fun isn't over yet. This summer, the festivities will continue with in-person events in Berlin, Sapporo, and Seattle. Pokemon Go Fest will end with a global finale event on August 27. Tickets are still available if you don't have one already.

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