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Pokemon GO expected in July, will be compatible with future Pokemon games

Nintendo announced today during its Tree House Live stream at E3 2016 that Pokemon GO is headed to Android and iOS sometime in July.


Pokemon GO expected in July, will be compatible with future Pokemon games

The Game Freak and Niantic Labs-developed title will feature first generation Pokemon when it launches, with other generations coming through updates. The game will also be compatible with main Pokemon game releases later on down the road.

Trading will also be added, once players get used to catching wild Pokemon in the mobile title.

A new Camera feature that enables Trainers to take photographs of their wild Pokemon encounters will be included, and each will be saved to the user's phone to share with others.

The mobile title will also feature a music track composed by Game Freak's Junichi Masuda who also worked on various design elements of Pokemon GO.

"We enjoyed participating in Nintendo’s Treehouse Live Pokemon GO developer Q&A session at E3 today," said Niantic. "With each day, we’re getting closer to launch and we can’t wait to share this game with everyone. Stay tuned for more details."

A wearable piece of tech called Pokemon GO Plus was also revealed, and it alerts the user when a Pokemon is nearby. It too be be made available in July for $34.99.

Images of the wearable accessory are below.





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