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Pokemon Go to add a competitive GO Battle League in 2020

Pokemon Go is adding competitive global trainer battles with GO Battle League early next year.

Budding Pokemon trainers finally got the ability to fight each other in Pokemon GO late last year with Trainer Battles. Today, the Pokemon Go Team announced the GO Battle League, bringing ranked trainer fights into the mix.

Battle League is ranked matchmaking as you know it from other games, but for Pokemon. Pairing off with trainers of similar skill, you'll be rising and falling through the ranks based on how your virtual pet dream team performs. While unconfirmed, we'd be shocked if there weren't rewards for hitting higher tiers.

It should also make it easier for more isolated trainers to find a fight, without having to ring up a friend or go hunting the nearby park to find a foe.

You can't just rock up to a League without doing your exercises, mind. Like the plucky heroes from the Pokemon anime, you'll have to put in the miles before becoming a Pokemon master. Once you've gained access, you'll be able to take on trainers from around the globe.

GO Battle League feature is slated to arrive early next year. The Pokemon Go Team will be sharing more details "soon" via Dev Insights video. We'll keep you posted.

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