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Phantom Dust is now getting remastered instead of rebooted

The original Xbox game Phantom Dust is now, apparently, getting a remaster.

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Phantom Dust is now getting remastered instead of rebooted

Two years ago, a new Phantom Dust game was announced for Xbox One. Less than a year later the developer working on the game was shut down, and despite Microsoft's assurances that the game wasn't dead, it sure didn't seem like it was in development anymore.

But now matters have been complicated further, as it sounds like we will actually be getting a Phantom Dust game to play on Xbox One and PC - it just won't necessarily be new.

Dual Shockers are reporting that Microsoft's Shannon Loftis mentioned a remaster of Phantom Dust during a YouTube Live stream at E3. The game is aiming for a 2017 release, and will be update many of the assets used in the original game.

That's better than nothing, we suppose...although after the cancellation of the reboot, we'll believe it once the game is actually released.

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