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Microsoft registers another Phantom Dust trademark

Are we closer to (another) Phantom Dust revival?


It would seem Microsoft is ready to do something with the Phantom Dust brand after all. A new trademark filing (dug up by DualShockers) reveals the company has re-registered the name on January 13.

The trademark filing covers games and online software, and it's not dissimilar to the one from 2005.


Phantom Dust, the niche card-battler/action game that came out on the original Xbox has lain dormant for years until E3 2014 when Microsoft announced a reboot is in development for Xbox One. At the time, the company showed a CG trailer and didn't reveal any details outside of that for months.

Until rumours started coming out of developer Darkside Games suggesting the title is facing massive development trouble, which eventually would lead to Microsoft pulling the project from the team, citing inability to meet expectations.

Microsoft never said the reboot was outright cancelled, but that it wasn't in active development either. Hopefully 2016 will be the year it makes a return.

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